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Tooth Restoration by CEREC 3D Technology

Advances in dentistry are making that Hollywood smile more attainable than ever! At our office, we combine our decades of experience with technologically advanced techniques and resources to suit your needs. We have used CEREC 3D (Ceramic Reconstruction in Three Dimensions) technology since 2006 with over 1000 complete cases.

How CEREC 3D Works

CEREC is the most intelligent machine in modern day dentistry. It uses Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing technology (or CAD/CAM) to address crowns, filling, inlays, onlays, and other dental restorations.

Dr. Zheng starts by getting the tooth to be restored ready and applying a reflective powder. This powder is used to make a digital image that is read by CAD/CAM technology in place of taking a dental impression. The restoration is designed on the computer and an in-office machine mills it resulting in a strong, colour-matched ceramic restoration. In just minutes, the ceramic restoration is ready; this results in an attractive, subtle, finished product that is translucent just like natural teeth. Once the restoration has been cemented in, we polish it to ensure a uniform look and feel.

The Benefits and Capabilities of CEREC 3D technology

We use CEREC 3D technology not just because it is so quick and efficient, but because of its superior results. The CAD/CAM technology ensures an accurate fit and expertly executed restoration for a wide range of dental ailments. The ceramic used is biocompatible to tooth enamel and is not affected by heat or coldness which allows you to enjoy all the food and drinks your love. It is long lasting, biocompatible and works to conserve and strengthen your teeth. Furthermore, each and every element of the restoration can be individually shaded or glazed during the procedure to ensure a more natural look.

The goal of any CEREC procedure is to offer the best, most efficient and aesthetically pleasing dental restoration so that you can smile with confidence. CEREC 3D technology can accomplish a week's worth of dental visits in one appointment. If you would like to know more about how CEREC technology can work for you, please get in touch with us today!

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